Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck in this boring cycle of style where what you wear does not excite you anymore? Where everything that you wear looks the same, almost like a uniform?

Let’s accept it. We have all been there. And we all know how monotonous that can get.

Fashion and style are all about fluidity and expression. Your style should be an extension of your personality and should be such that it highlights your plus points. Adding a few accessories here and there is the best way to break this monotony and add that oomph factor. But what if your accessories start falling in this cyclical trap as well?

Well, do you remember your Mom asking you to add a small pinch of salt along with the sugar to your pancake batter to help all the flavours stand out better? That is exactly what you do to your wardrobe when theses waves of boredom start hitting you! Pick up two contrasting styles and put them together, blending their contrast in such a way that it creates a striking combination.

Remember that gorgeous shell necklace that you wore on your last beach holiday; the one that hasn’t seen the daylight since then? Bring it out for the Sunday Brunch this weekend and see your Red Jumpsuit outfit transform into an ensemble so chic that that even you wouldn’t believe it! Blend unconventional pieces together and you will be surprised by the kind of magic that it creates. Experimentation and exploration are at the heart of this entire concept. It is not about how bold and wild you can get. It is about how free and natural you can get.

If you feel like wearing the biggest hoops that you own on a semi-formal white shirt, do it! If you want to go with a multi-coloured boho neckpiece on formal pants, try it! The only thing that you actually need to pull off anything with elan is a lot of confidence and self-belief. With that under your belt, anything and everything you wear is already a style statement!