Fluidic | Au courant | Sassy 
Contemporary designs for the free soul in you. 



Brand Philosophy

As we journey through life, we realize that a lot is lost as we forget to be ourselves, then it is time to please the God in you. Adore yourself, be classy, be sassy, fill yourself with happiness, and soulful satisfaction.


FASHKA is here to appeal to the free soul in you, to express yourself in a way that you want to, not the way you have to. 


Design Philosophy

We design and we curate. We get our design inspirations from the world around us. As we look around, we see the intricacies and simplicity, the dance of chaos and calmness. The elements then come together on the paper to become a beautiful design worthy of you.



The word FASHKA was born from the word Fashion and KA. KA has many meanings, but for us, it stands for unknown Gods in Sanskrit, and it stands for the essence of the soul of a human or God in Egyptian mythology. 


FASHKA derives its ideology from the belief that we all are magnificent individuals with dimensions that no one can define but "US". FASHKA is for such free-spirited souls that believe in embracing their style and carrying it with grace and confidence.