Planning your outfits for work can be a tedious and boring task considering the limitations that come along with it. Most of the corporates have certain strict guidelines for the kind of outfits that you can opt for and this can get a little suffocating at times. Though it is a fact that with the changing times, there has been a very clear shift in this outlook; it is very difficult to get over it completely.

Wearing bold accessories can be too loud for certain work environments and if not done properly can look very unprofessional. It is very important to maintain a balance when choosing accessories that accentuate your look properly and don’t make your ensemble look overdone for work wear.

So how do we go about this?


  1. Play with Colours

Opting for bright contrast- coloured accessories is one of the safest fixes. Bright colours draw attention and generally tend to stand out pretty well. The key is to pair them with correct outfits. A Black or White outfit can be paired with literally any coloured accessory. Try to collect small studs or medium-sized hoops in multiple colours as they are largely minimalistic. Check out this exciting pair of earrings in our office wear earrings section.

Play with colors


  1. Get MATERIAListic

Try accessories made in a variety of materials and create unconventional combinations with them. Skip the regular metal-based danglers and opt for fabric-based ones to create a better effect. Try to keep the colours neutral or at least complementing here to avoid going over the top.



  1. Try The Unexpected

No one will expect you to wear a beaded necklace on a wool-based top, but maybe when paired correctly it can be an amazing combination. Try to break the rules and set yourself free with a variety of options to choose from. Buy beautiful pair of necklaces for office wear by FASHKA.

Try the unexpected


  1. Be Yourself

Don’t wear something just because you thought looked amazing one someone else. You define your style and not the other way around. If something looks beautiful on your best friend does not mean it will on you as well. Experiment and try to create your own style.

Be yourself


  1. It’s Okay to Be a Little Extra at Times

A cheat meal can do wonders to a diet. Once in a while it is completely fine to go a tad bit extra if you feel like it and if you have it in you to pull it off.


The key is to have fun. At the end of the day, if you like what you wear, no one’s opinion matters!

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