Which of these 5 Fictional Fashion Icons are you?

What better way to celebrate nostalgia than by revisiting these iconic divas and their fashion styles!

Right from the beloved 90’s sitcom ‘FRIENDS’ to 20’s dark comedy ‘KILLING EVE’, let's take a walk down the memory lane and pick your favorite fashion diva.


1) RACHEL GREEN (FRIENDS): Every time we hear the word FRIENDS, without a hiccup, we start singing “I’ll be there for you” in our heads, and the popular character, Rachel Green is hard to not give a mention.

Jennifer Anniston aka Rachel Green is a fun-loving personality with a girl-next-door hairdo. Be it the clothes or fashion jewellery, she knew exactly what she wanted. Her charming fashion sense not only made her exchange gifts for money that didn’t keep up with her taste but also tells us how picky and aesthetically refined she was with what she adorned. Her fondness for fitting silhouettes, chic, no-fuss ensembles, love for slip-on dresses, delicate necklaces with pendants and elegant studs, all set a sleek, minimalist vibe that not only inspires and makes us nostalgic but is also as cool and relevant even today. A definite style icon worth revisiting.

A selection of few standouts for Rachel’s 90’s jewellery that inspires us even today.  

The Classy Cross Stud Earrings

Simplicity never goes out of style. These chunky lightweight earrings spell minimalist chic. Be it a little black dress, a plain tee or a patterned playsuit, this pair compliments anything you pull out of your wardrobe, totally in tune with Rachel’s minimalist, sleek vibe.


A Lot Like Love Necklace

Graceful & charming, this dual combination of white delicate pearl and golden trinket suggests equal parts of romance, chemistry, and no-fuss minimal jewellery . This one is sure to bring out the “Rachel vibe” in you.


2) CARRIE BRADSHAW (SEX AND THE CITY):  An independent, bold and charismatic fashionista, with a lavish, dramatic and a whole lot of experimental style, Carrie Bradshaw is a progressive sex columnist who took her fans with her walk through life in MANOLOS attitude. A fashion addict who lives, breathes and literally eats fashion, (having confessed buying vogue over dinner) has for sure inspired us to find our own style and quite daringly tap that experimental voice in us.

Never one for minimalism, her mix and match mantra made statements with her accessories every season, right from the nameplate necklace to the flower pins and the stackable jewellery.


Let’s take a sneak peek at the gasp-worthy jewel wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw.

Megastar Medallion Necklace

Dress up in our powerful reversible star medallion necklace, bejeweled on a very elegant chain. Nothing like a little black pendant attracting only good vibes, keeping it stylish to match Carrie’s vibe of an exceptional megastar.    


Pearl & Twirl Long Necklace

From drinks on the couch to drinks out, from a festive layer to casual touch, from bed to beach, get that twirl on with this very classy pearl necklace. A sure style statement Carrie would concoct while enjoying those endless cocktails and cosmopolitans.


Golden Cascade Dangler Earrings

This pair of golden danglers beautifully compliments your ever-changing moods. Designed like a shimmering cascade, these earrings subtly twinkle with your every small move. Sure to match the eclectic, dramatic and unconventional versatility of Carrie.


 3) BLAIR WALDORF (GOSSIP GIRL): Hello Upper east siders!

Whispers of scandalous secrets, Manhattan’s unforgettable outfits, and a strong fashion legacy that continues till date.

A decade ago Gossip girl changed not just our worlds but also our wardrobes forever! Let’s remember the incontestable fashion icon, the popular, eloquent, poised, sophisticated, the one and only queen bee, Blair Waldorf. This preppy diva inspired a whole generation with her fashion style. Be it the Berets, coats, capes or signature headgears, everything, from the pink heels to the jewels around her neck are timeless, feminine, immaculate to the T, and of course surrounded a lot around pearls. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, it didn’t take us long to get obsessed with her chic and opulent character. Blair is indeed a fashion gospel, now that’s a secret we all know.


What could define Blair more than pearls, secrets and ultra-feminine bows?

We are sure to get Queen Bee’s approval on these jewels. Just like the cult headbands, these jewels can get on with almost any occasion you think of.

Pearly Promise Necklace

White Secret Necklace

Pearly Bow Earrings


4)TAHANI (THE GOOD PLACE): Tahani is the definition of celebration, both in personality and style. Always the centre of attention, she is a glamorous, posh, and intellectual woman who is known for throwing royal, extravagant parties with meticulous details and refined aesthetics. She is often spotted wearing bright and bold colors along with glittery statement necklace, matching bracelets, and rings with all her outfits with an impeccable style that totally compliments her beautiful character. Some would say she outdid herself, but she’s always this good!

Recreating Tahani’s iconic looks with a contemporary twist, to up your wardrobe style.

Pearls define everything that is classy, eternal, sophisticated, and luxurious, quite a synonym for Tahani’s lifestyle.

Sublime Magic Multiway Long Necklace

Imperial Pearl Dangler Earrings


5) VILLANELLE (KILLING EVE):  A sharp, fashion-forward, flawless diva whose innate sense of style has an immediate iconic quality. Villanelle has truly raised the bar of fashion with her sloppy, glamorous or mix of the two extreme flavored ensembles which has managed to influence our wardrobes undeniably.

A wholesome wardrobe with a dose of exceptional creativity, playful looks, and flamboyant eclectic styles, it feels like clothes are her playground, she likes to treat herself with experimentation and is not intimidated rather finds joy in it. Right from power suits, glam jammies, silk robes, bomber jackets, pink silk blouses accessorized with bold, oversized earrings, she dispenses not only all norms of how a killer should dress but also allows her ensembles to shine!

 Reeling the modern day style icons Fashion looks;

Duet Medley Reversible Necklace

Noir Mismatch Danglers


Aren’t afraid of experimenting? This black and golden, mismatched, uneven length pair of earrings are made for trendsetters like you. Eclectic, dramatic, and experimental these earrings recreate the Villanelle magic perfectly.