“Being overdressed is not a bad thing at all. What’s the worst case scenario? That you’re the best dressed person in the room? Who cares!” – Rachel Zoe

Mowing down accessories is the resorted solution to not being overdressed while true fashionistas know it for a fact that the most beautiful look is incomplete without an accessory. It can be a single piece of jewellery  or a marrying of multiple ones. Since everyone is beautiful, dressing up is just an art that you can create on your own!

Here are the rules to not having any rules while creating your own style!

What are you most attracted to?

Walking in a store or surfing on websites, watch yourself walk and click on the section that is just irresistible to you. Your style is defined by the choices you make while you first look at a stack and pick one from the lot. Find this pull and stick to it rather than only blindly paying for what others are adorning. Know your pulse if it is bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces!

Trends, making them or following?

Following trends is one thing that is inevitable. It’s not a big deal! But never to be afraid to make your own. Creating your unique look isn’t difficult as all you have to do is only know your signature accessory and sticking to it, pairing it up with every look, casual or party!

Your signature accessory doesn’t have to be the same for your every look of every season. It can vary according to your outfits and what you choose while believing what suits you best.

Keep styling according to your way and create iconic looks to show off to the world.

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