A Match To Your Mismatch

In the world of matching outfits, be the mismatch of all sorts. Sounds a bit off, doesn’t it? Sporting the mismatch on the ramps around the world, it’s going to be fun to learn the quirky art of mismatching earrings to elevate your fashion game!

1.Varied lengths

    If you’re “too big too small” kinda lady, you definitely need to try the different length mismatch earrings. It’s bold and yet minimalistic with one dangling over your shoulder and the other rocking your delicate jawline



    2. Play around the color!

    Getting it together at work doesn’t mean you’ve got to get your outfit together. Play around with your earrings with minor switches to give your entire look a pop, barring any need to have other add on jewellery.



    3. Varied shapes

    The go-to for every strictly minimalist who doesn’t want to go all out and just be in the safe yet beautiful-look zone, varied shapes help to successfully chic any look.



    4. Danglers

    Set yourself apart from the wallflowers in the fashionista world with classy danglers. Be it star shaped or any other, contrast a shoulder duster with black beads with a stunning pearl.