Fashion Jewellery Trends to Try in 2022 with FASHKA

Your Fashion and Style are the manifestation of your inner self reflected in your clothes, jewellery , accessories, and the likes. It evolves with you and time.

Be it trendy, quirky, classy, or traditional, Fashion Jewelry is essential for all the women out there. Peeking into the trends, we have come up with some fashion trends that will set you apart from the crowd.

Mismatched Earrings

Human eyes are used to symmetry; anything that is not symmetrical instantly draws attention and piques interest. And that’s how Mismatched earrings are breaking the stereotypes.

Mismatched earrings have been seen on the runways over the past few years. Crafting them is not a walk in the park. It takes all intelligence and ingenuity to keep them mismatched while still drawing the connection.

How to Rock the Look with Mismatched Earrings?

Mismatched earrings are a great way to revamp your personal style and to add that glam and confidence to your look. It’s a big Yes. Right?

Dress up the way you like but match your east to the south, not west. Go beyond the theme with these mismatched earrings.

Here’s what we have got to bring the quirkiness to your daily style.
These earrings turn Ordinary to Extraordinary!

Space Explosion Cute Stud Earrings

Space Explosion Mismatch Earrings

Noir Mismatch Earrings

Noir Mismatch Earrings


Sun and  Moon Mismatch Dangler Earrings

Sun & Moon Mismatch Earrings - FASHKA Blogs

Sugar Candy Mismatched Dangle Earrings

Sugar Candy Mismatched Dangler Earrings

Style them with a minimal outfit and see how easy it is to get noticed.

Multi-way Earrings

At times when you don’t know what to carry. Our multi-way earrings will be a rescue coz you can style these pieces in several ways for lunch, brunch, party, or get-togethers.

Didn’t like it one way, voilà you can twist or turn, remove or add, pull or push;
a small change and see the magic.

Enhance your lookbook with these beautiful pieces; lay your hands on them before they go out of stock. Our designs are limited edition. 

Celestial Luna Drops Multi-way Earrings

Celestial Luna Multiway Earrings


The Pearl Dream Multi-way Earrings

Pearl Dream Multiway Earrings


Stud Earrings

Retro or today’s era, one thing that hasn’t changed in fashion over time is the beautifully cast pair of studs that combine both luxury and delicacy.

Studs can define your beauty in the simplest way, and when we talk about simplicity, Royalty goes hand in hand.

Studs are a treasure for every woman coz they never go out of fashion.
Picking up a saree or suit, blazer, or bodycon. “ Studs Astounds”

Look at these designs that we have picked from our collection, just for you.  

Ethereal Flower Stud Earrings

Flower Stud Earrings -FASHKA Blogs


Starburst Crystal Studs
Crystal Stud Earrings

Adjustable Rings

Doing your chores or working on your laptop, one thing that you can not get out of sight is your “Ring.” Pearl rings or silver rings can definitely revamp your whole look, be it formal or Casual. 

Don’t you get a déjà vu while looking at a shining Pearl standing out loud against every other Jewellery piece? That’s what these Rings are. And the fact that these are adjustable, you can wear them on any finger, be it of any size.

Waiting for your Prince Charming to gift one? Don’t wait; invest in these beautiful designs selected just for you. 

Pearl String Adjustable Ring

Pearl Adjustable Rings - FASHKA Blogs


Poseidon Adjustable Ring Band

Adjustable Rings Bands


Pearl Spirit Golden Ring

Golden Pearl Adjustable Ring

Pendant Necklaces

An epitome of fashion, class, and grace is what our pendant necklaces are. 

Styling yourself minimal today? Figuring out how not to look over the board in your formals? Want a classy look with nothing extra?

Here’s an answer, these delicate pendants and pendant necklaces can be the best choice jewellery for your office wear. These are lightweight, chic, and have a spark of their own. “Set the whole tribe in AWESTRUCK vibe.”

Check out these gorgeous designs and let us know what you think in the comments 

Feather Charm NecklaceFeather Charm Pendant Necklace - FASHKA Blogs SHOP NOW


Pearl Promise Necklace

Pearl Promise Necklace


White Secret NecklaceWhite Secret Pendant Necklace SHOP NOW

Pearl Bracelets

Who isn’t obsessed with Pearls? We all are because the Aura that Pearl Jewellery has is unmissable, and pearls never go out of style.

Those who want all things Luxurious would love our Pearl Bracelets. A modern must-have, made of class. These pearl bracelets are a unique perspective on self-love.

Have a look at these Adorable beauties and let us know your favorite design. 

Pearl Cufflet Bracelet

Pearl Cuff Bracelet





Adjustable Bracelets

We all want the right amount of glam, sophistication, and elegance, be it a family meet-up or a date.

These adjustable bracelets are a perfect fit for all those tiny wrists ( whose bracelets slip off) and for those who are confused between a little looser or tighter.

These adjustable bracelets are fashionable and ultra good for your daily life.
Check out the bracelets that we’ve selected for you. 

Versatile Love Anklet and Bracelet



Dual Wrap Bracelet





Edgy Already BraceletEdgy Already BraceletSHOP NOW

We love fashion and would like to know more about your individual fashion and style sense. Would love to hear your thoughts on our designs. 

Let us know what you liked the most in this blog and your favorite design from our collection. 

Would be elated to see you try our designs and would LOVE to see you style them your way.